We're a web & software development company. Our philosophy is to be inspired; then become an inspiration. We're idea architects. We love building aspirations. We're passionate about our work & go the extra mile. We build peerless digital experiences & enable your brand to reach its maximum potential.
We focus on building high quality websites that can scale well across a variety of devices & browsers. We use state-of-the-art, proven technologies that will wear well with the test of time. Additionally, we offer our clients free, reliable static site hosting.
In the age of webpage whitewash & generic website layouts, the need for a unique, engaging design becomes vital for web presence. Capture the attention of your audience with our exceptional, custom designs that showcase your brand & message.
If you're looking for custom software, you're a busy person. We're aware that producing static content is incredibly time-consuming. With your guidance & our marketing team, we'll knock it out quickly & effectively.
We believe the transition to mobile doesn't have to be a painful experience. That's why we'll not only build you a high performance, mobile-tuned server API; we'll build your Android & iOS apps quicker & more cost-effective than anyone else in the business.
When developing servers & software, we prioritize cost-effectiveness, robustness & performance. We're adept with numerous programming languages, frameworks, libraries & databases. We'll let you choose your preferred technologies & we'll find the best hosting service for your software.
Here's what we've been up to recently. You can find more on GitHub or by contacting us.
Second Horizon, an alternate-investment platform, gives you the ability invest directly with some of the best known private equity funds in the world with long term track records. Second Horizon gives you inside access to Silicon Valley private equity funds.
TeamWorkOnline is the world's largest mobile sports enthusiast and career network. Technical features include advanced search engines, search algorithms, and Google Analytics to track conversion rates for randomized call-to-action pages.
An innovative social-good application that encourages companies to donate to charitable causes with each user tweet. This allows companies to advertise while donating to charity at the same time. Uses cutting-edge scripting technologies and social media integrations.
A sports network and subsidiary of TeamWorkOnline that aggregates those who have a passion for sports onto a single, focused platform. This application allow users to seamlessly share their favorite sports moments with one another.
This is an open-source blogging engine that is still a work in progress. It uses GitHub's API & a Medium-inspired HTML editor to publish blogs without using a server or writing markdown.
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