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Below you will find our refund policy for each product and service that we offer. These terms will not change. There is no case-by-case basis.

Domain Names

At the time of purchase, the initial charge for the domain name chosen by our client will be paid for by Iconic Development LLC. We will transfer the rights to the domain-managing account and therefore the rights to all future maintainence fees for the domain to the client. We do not offer refunds for the domain names or their maintainence.

Website Hosting

After Iconic Development LLC configures hosting services for sites and servers, we will transfer the hosting accounts and maintainence fees to the client. We do not offer any refunds for hosting fees incurred by the client.

Graphical Design

Grapical design is a service-based offering. Graphics are custom-made for the client and consume a large amount of time and work. We do not offer any refunds for service-based offerings, such as graphical design.

Website, Server & Mobile Development

Development of websites, servers, and mobile applications are service-based offerings. Each one of these services are custom-built for the client and consume a large amount of time and work. Upon the inception of the project, payment scheduling will be agreed upon to happen over the course of the project, including an initial downpayment. If the client fails to meet a payment scheduling, Iconic Development LLC will stop development of the project until payment resumes. If the client decides to cancel in-progress work with Iconic Development LLC, the relevant contracts will be dissolved and the uncompleted source code will be released to the client if the client has met the agreed-upon payment scheduling up to that point. Iconic Development LLC offers no refund for service-based offerings, including website, server, and mobile development.

Iconic Development LLC strives to work with and build successful relationships with its clients. We're confident we can build great ideas with our clients and have a fun, productive experience with our clients along the way. If you have any questions or concerns, email us at info@iconicdevelopment.co